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jsuzkelley 06-17-2012 03:30 AM

Need product recs for my daughter
I have a 10 yr old daughter with fine, dense 2a-2b hair. Right now her hair is shoulder length (growing out from a horrible bob cut - bad stylist **shudder**). She tries to brush it straight, but the ends always flip out or under, and she has a strong cowlick at her crown. Her hair does tend to frizz some, I think mostly from all the brushing. She didn't used to like her hair because it wouldn't stay straight. But after seeing me care for my own curls, she's decided she wants her hair curly. Her hair is not as curly or dry as mine, so what works on my hair doesn't work for her. She gets beautiful waves, and even some loose curls after washing, but they don't hold. Her moisture level is good, but I'm looking to find something to help hold the wave/curl without weighing down her hair. Also, the routine should be simple/easy as she does her own hair ( I like to provide advice and info, but give her the freedom to do it how she likes). TIA for your help. Below is a pic of her hair freshly washed and conditioned.

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Rimi 06-30-2012 11:41 PM

From that picture, I'd be inclined to say that her hair is more 2b/2c.

I don't know much about 2b/2c hair from experience, but here's what I can tell you based on the women on this site:

She'll most likely want to have a low-poo, RO, LI and styler. For low-poos, most wavies love the shea moisture shampoos (particularly sm moisture retention). Tresemme is loved by 2's all the way to 4's and would double as a great rinse out and leave in. kinky curly knot today is also a great leave in for all wavies/curlies/kinkies!

Since her hair is fine, some light oils to try are jojoba oil and grapeseed oil.

Not sure about stylers! Sorry!

earthnut 07-02-2012 10:07 PM

She's got real, if loose, curls! She's at least a 2c, if more than half her head has those curls, she's a 3a. Conditioner only routines, like the one on the "live curly live free" site will enhance her curls.

As for specific products, you need find out your daughter's hair thickness, porosity and elasticity. That'll give you an idea of what her hair needs. Take a strand of shed hair.

Roll it between your fingers. If you can barely feel it, it's fine. If it's wiry and you can see it from across the room, it's coarse. Somewhere in between, it's medium. Fine hair tends to need protein. Coarse hair tends to need moisture (oils mainly).

Slide your fingers along the hair. If the hair is smooth in both directions, it has low porosity. If one way is rough and sandpaper like, it has high porosity. If one way is bumpy but not very rough, it has medium porosity. Low porosity hair tends to need moisture. High porosity hair tends to need proteins.

Last, take both ends of the hair and pull gently, not trying to break it. If the hair breaks without stretching much, the hair has low elasticity. If it stretches but does not return to the original length, it is overly elastic. If it stretches 20-50% and then returns to its original length, it has good elasticity. Low elasticity hair usually has too much protein or too little moisture. Overly elastic hair usually has too much moisture or too little protein. Elasticity changes depending on the hair treatment you do so it's a good test to do every so often to check on the health of the hair.

Stiff, straw like hair can indicate too much protein or too little moisture. Limp, fly away hair can indicate too much moisture or too little protein.

Hair frequently has conflicting properties (like my own) but that gives you a starting point to figure out the best products for your daughter.

2c/3a-M-ii porous, good elasticity, APL, dark brown with a silver lining. Biggest enemy: frizz!

jsuzkelley 07-15-2012 04:07 PM

Thanks for the responses! Sorry I haven't reported back.

As far as hair properties, my daughter has fine, dense hair with normal porosity/elasticity. The ringlets in that pic above are only on the under layer right behind her ears. The rest is wavy - probably a mix of 2a-2b with the occasional 2c spot (for some reason my phone won't let me post a pic). But I'm hoping CG will help those waves tighten up and become more consistent.

The last time she let me try to style her hair curly, we washed with L'Oreal evercream sulfate-free shampoo. RO was L'Oreal Evercream silicone-free condish, then a little Cure Care condish for LI, and Aussie IF gel. We plopped for about 20 minutes, then air dried. She had very beautiful waves, but they didn't hold well enough for 2nd day hair and she ended up brushing it out. She uses the sulfate/silicone-free poo and condish regularly, but getting her to stop brushing her hair and let it be wavy/curly is a challenge. She loves to brush her hair!

We're going to try again today - I'm going to try co-washing with SN coconut, them Giovanni DLI and SS CEJ. Will post results!

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bringingcurliesback? 07-15-2012 04:19 PM

I was just product searching and came across something perfect!
Okay so I was looking through curly products and here are some suggestions:

Ouidad has a Kurly Kids hair set (includes a light gel, conditioner etc.)
or you could use a low-poo/cowash for her and try using Carol's Daughter hair milk for her- they have a light version and the original- I heard its very good and looking at her hair it sounds absolutely perfect! If your in need of hair washing/care products I would reccomend the Ouidad stuff.

Also why not try a vinegar rinse? :cat:

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