curly under/frizzy on top

My daughter has a mix of puerto rican/straight hair. It has nice curl under then what I call a "bird nest" layer then straight/frizzy looking on top. She is 10 and if she wears it down says it is too "big". I am about to pull out my own hair figuring out what to do with hers. My hair is stick straight so I have no idea. She is tired of wearing it in a pony every day but I have no idea whatelse to do with it. HELP!!
Hair product suggestions welcome too (including shampoo/cond)
The curly girl method of washing with conditioner instead of shampoo might help, and leaving in a conditioner instead of washing it out could be good, too. Herbal Essences has some very moisturizing conditioners that are easy to find and pretty cheap, too.

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