Best Products for Curly Head of a 2 year old

My daughter is 2 and has a full head of curls, 4a, and 4b. What are some of the best products to use. Her hair gets so dry but too many heavy prodcuts weigh it down and make her curls look dull. Frizz is also a problem, of course shrinkage. I like her to wear her hair out in a curly fro, but I can't never get her curls hydrated, bouncy and soft enough. Most of the puddings and gels cake up in her hair and turn white instantly, even on freshly washed hair. Any suggestions???
You could use Curls product line. They arent to expensive, and sold at target. I would say mixed chicks, cause thats what i tend to use, however idk if it works on 4/4b type hair.

Good luck
When my DD was little I used to fill a spray bottle with glycerine and use that on her curls. It attracts moisture from the air and made them curl up nicely. (Though if you live in a really dry climate with no moisture in the air apparently it will suck moisture from the hair, so avoid this if you live in the desert). It is clear and almost as light as water so won't leave build up. Works well for a short, curly fro. I got the advice to try it on this very board more than ten years ago!!

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