17 month old curly

I need help! My 17 month old daughter has a head full of beautiful curls. Daddy and I both have straight hair so caring for her locks has been stressful. I've recently purchased the sulfate free leave in conditioner which seems to help. Also I only shampoo once a week and use conditioner every other day. I haven't gone completely sulfate/silicone free just yet cause I'm not sure her curls will remain. The problem I'm having is that when when she rides in the car, the back of her head that rides against her carseat gets really dry and frizzy with no curl. I also have no idea what time of curls she has because it's short and the pictures all show long hair. She could be anywhere from a 2c to 3b! HELP!

She's a beautiful 3a with maybe some 2's. Just moisturizer it with something light every day, and only wash once a week always use conditioner !!

Coming from a girl with 3b-3c curls >.<
Oh, just beautiful!
3C, CG Method, Low porosity, Low density, Medium Width

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