Free Coloring Page Downloads for your Family to Enjoy!

My husband is a very talented artist/illustrator and at my asking (he's such a sweetie ) he agreed to make cute coloring pages featuring children with curly, kinky, and coily hair. I think it's really important that children have characters and hobbies that help them to feel good about themselves and, unfortunately, I do not feel there are a lot of characters out there for our children to look up to with highly textured hair. Anyway, I hope you and your family enjoy these pages! And keep on the look out because we will be creating more as time goes on.

Here's the Link: The Spiral Spot
*BIG CHOP: September 22, 2012*
*Last Relaxer: April 15, 2012*

Thank you! We love doing projects together.
*BIG CHOP: September 22, 2012*
*Last Relaxer: April 15, 2012*

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