2 y/o with water phobia

It has been a struggle getting my 2 y/o 4b into the tub for bath time, but she has been okay with it up until a few months ago. At her school the playground is pure dirt and and the sand would just be caked on her scalp. I think frequent washings during this time has just made her hate bath time. I got a water visor which she despises. I've tried bargaining with her, and explained to her about holding her head back so water doesn't get in her eyes. She just stands up in the bathtub and cries. I've thought about dry shampoo but with our hair type I don't think this would work so well. If anyone has dealt with this or has any tips, please help me out!
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Hopefully it's just a two year old tantrum type phase and she'll grow out of it. I don't think dry shampoo works on any type of hair--I remember my mom trying it out--mmmm, greasy hair with powder on it!

I think I used to wash DD's hair at that age by getting her to lean back in the tub and just rinsing the tub water through her hair. No shower sprinkling or splashing. She's always been CG so I didn't have to worry about shampoo, its just conditioner in the water and I'd be putting more on her hair anyway. My kids HATED getting water on their faces at that age and still don't like it. They are teens and still usually choose baths over showers
my now 3 yr old went through the same thing. Step back... Take a deep breath and relax!!! It is a Phase and it will pass. Until then, I suggest washing her hair at the Kitchen sink. lay her on the counter...assuring her that mommy has her and you won't let her fall. It worked for us when she was two. After about a month, she was back to splashing away in the tub. and finally does not mind me washing her hair in the bath. Hint: new bathtub toy also does wonders.
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Both my children went through this phase. They didn't like water in their faces, but were even more scared of the SOUND of the shower. So I put them in the bathtub and I took a small bucket (the one they played with on the beach) and diluted some low-poo/co. in it and rinsed that through their hair. After that I rinsed with plain water from the bucket.
I found that worked better to control their fear, because you can tell them exactly what to expect, like how many buckets of water
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Mine is the same way. She's fine in a swimming pool, but just seems SURE we're going to dump buckets of water down her face. And she will. not. sit down in the tub.

For some reason, having Daddy do it instead of Mama helps some. (I guess she doesn't trust me? lol) But usually we have to just tell her to "look up" - and then be really, really fast...and repeat....

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