8 yr old son curly hair help

My son has started complaining about all the products I use in his hair to maintain his 4a curls. I love the wet look and defined curls he has after a bath but when he wakes in the morning he has bed-head and his curls are dry and mashed into his head with a frizz halo!

I'm looking for ideas/products that will put moisture and shine back into his curls. What are good shampoos, conditioners, leave ins, styling products? Also any morning routines for curly hair that doesn't require spritzing and gels/lotions in the morning?

What do others do with a son that doesn't like a lot of primping ?
I have two boys under 4 that are half black half Puerto Rican so their curls are tight! If i don't do the whole spritzing and oiling every morning i might as well cut their hair off because it doesn't look good at all. Everyone compliments their hair, how curly and shiny it is and i love it too. I don't think they could get away without at least a little water to bring their curls back to life in my experience.
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My son is almost 8 1/2 with 4b/c curls too. Mornings were a challenge till I started having him wake up and shower before school. It helps wake him up and he knows to put leave in and gel. Problem solved for us.

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2b/c low porosity, coarse, high density and protein sensitive.

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