Need help with shape/cut ideas for wavy 5-year-old boy

Hi all!

I am a 2c gal with a husband who is probably also a 2c or 3a. Our little man is turning 5 soon and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I have always let his hair grow until we decide it needs to be trimmed up a bit. A couple of times I've cut it with trimmers just to shore it up and give ourselves more time between trims. Mostly, though, I let it be wild. It fits his personality and is awfully cute.

He has very soft, fine hair. It's mostly curly at the ends, so when it's cut short, say shorter than 1.5 -1", it'll look like it was singed by a fire. The "straight" part of his hair is very loose waves and the ends are big soft curls.

I need an idea for a haircut (or even just a shape) so he won't look like a maniac, but will still fit is personality AND hair type. All I can find anywhere are ideas for straight hair or 3a and up and/or coarse hair. Nothing for those stuck in the middle of wavy and tight curls and soft/fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated. This poor kid inherited his parents' weird hair. I had no idea I had curly hair until my 20s. Growing up in the perm-riddled 80s will do that to you.
my brothers had this type of hair. Just cut it so the top is about two inches and the bottom is about one. it keeps the curls springy and wavy but controlled. Here, you can either comb it back or leave it be and he'll be a cutie.
Or you can let it ALL grow to about 3-5 inches and pull it back into a very tiny ponytail at the back. One of my brothers has the dark complextion so he looked like a refined baby Lord of the Rings character. X) When they are tiny and cute, it's adorable. It doesn't look like a ruffian until about 11-13.

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