Help! I dont know what products to use for my 5 yr old

My daughter is 5 years old and has beautiful deep spiral shirley temple tight curls. Right now i use Treseme for curly hair but it doesn't help with frizz or keeping her curls neat at all! I recently brought a Shea butter cream and it made her scalp itch like crazy! Now I'm thinking of just buying a new shampoo conditioner and treatment for her hair all together! Im not sure what products are good for her type of hair that battles tangles, frizz and keeps her hair moisturized and curls neat. Its driving me crazy! My daughter has beautiful curls and i want to show them off! Please help me find the right stuff! Thanks!
I'd suggest getting a copy of Curly Girl: The Handbook, and following the modified system of care for children's hair which the author has used for her children.

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You can also learn a lot about taking care of curly hair here Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free
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The best advice I was ever given was to figure out my daughter's hair type. What works for one head of hair might be horrid for another. Curly type doesn't matter so much as what the actual hair properties are. It also depends on whether you are wanting to go for a no/lo-poo or cones/no cones method or...see the variables?
It's all about figuring out 1) What the hair properties are, then 2) figuring out what the hair wants/needs (and doesn't want/need).

If frizz is your only issue then maybe see what you can add after the tress me if you like it. The simple addition of sealing with a few drops of oil on wet hair after your leave-in could make all the difference in the world. I can't post links with my fiddly phone, but spending some quality time with the search engine on here will usually give you a wealth of information. But first- figure out her hair properties. You can do much of anything for her until you do!

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