help !!

My 13 year old daughter has had locs in for abnout a year, we took them out without cutting and i took her to the salon for a trim. However, nothing is absorbing in her hair and it becomes matted almost immediately. I have no idea what to do.
Have you tried (a) clarifying hair, (b) using gentle heat during deep conditioning settings to gently lift hair cuticles to temporarily increase porosity?
Well getting a trim isn't the magic way for perfect hair too You could do her CG method and just quit shampoos , Use an effective conditioner like shea moisture buy her a leave in conditioner like kinky curly leave in conditioner and finally a gel or mousse without silicones also like herbal essences set me up extra strong . and ofcourse never comb it when its dry always in shower when conditoner is on her hair. hope i helped! ^_^

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