Looking for some help!

My daughter is 8 and has always been curly, when she was small it was easy to manage spritz of water and a ruffle with fingers,

Fastforward 5 years and her hair is really long now below shoulders blades fine but lots of hair which tangles really easily, normally I just wash condition and leave and in the morning a plait, but she wants to wear her hair down but it looks awful with just a spritz of water, so I decided to straighten (normally just do it as a special occasion) but last week i did it she went to school and it had rained and she came home the curls were gorgeous and I thought my mum never ever embraced my curls so forever I've always straightened my hair but I'd love her to start wearing it curly again, so I've been using body shop rainforest shampoo and conditioner and I ordered the original sprout miracle detangling spray (not arrived yet) and today I bought boots curl creme

What I'm hoping for is for someone to help me get in a routine to care for these curls

I'm also going to get her hair trimmed it's all the one length just now but the top layer is straighter than the rest,should I get a long layer put in?
My daughter and I both have curly hair, 3b. My daughter's hair is a little finer than mine. Her routine is to wash and condition her hair at night, put LA Looks gel in it then spritz it with water in the morning.

I do my hair every 2 to 3 days at night also.

I shampoo or clarify, deep condition once a week. On weekends.
- I co-wash (as I am coconut)
- use giovanni direct leave it
- a little of mixed chicks leave in on the top
- then apply a little curl keeper.
- I diffuse dry my hair to 85%
- put jojoba oil on the ends and pineapple it over night.
- I spritz and apply more curl keeper as needed in the morning.

We both have long layers. It looks more natural and grows better that way. Make sure they cut it on dry hair and not wet.

Hope it helps.

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