Hairstyle help for a 3b/c toddler with special needs

Hi all,

I'm looking for advice on taking care of my 3yo's curly hair. She's got very short 3b/3c curls. If I stretch out her hair, it's about 6 inches. Usually the curls are right against her head, though. Front/top usually looks good. The back is very dry and frizzy. Lots of knots and breakage.

To make things harder, she's got a sensory processing disorder that makes it hard for her to handle anything touching her head. I try not to push this, because she'll often hurt herself during a meltdown. We've gotten to the point where she's okay with me using a devacurl conditioner twice a week on her. Not okay with ponytails, braids, headbands, or brushes. Also not okay with a sleep bonnet, and will try to get rid of any strong smelling conditioners/shampoos... which only makes her hair frizzier.

Any suggestions on what I can do help her hair? Or routines that can make it easier for her?
You've probably tried this already, so apologies if you have- but could you get some cute baby brushes for her? Let her come to the store and choose them like a "big girl" and while you're there you can casually stop at all the cute clips and hairbands and look at them with her, if she likes one get it if not just go back another time and see if she likes any.
I'm aware bobbles could be a choking risk for some, but you can let her play with some bobbles and clips while you're with her at home to get a feel for them and then gently move to clip one loosely in her hair (at the ends so she feels it less) and make a big fuss about what a big girl she is letting you clip it in and how great it looks on her.

I find the easiest hairstyle to be that style lots of kids have with about 6 braids or twists. I'll try to find a pic and update this in a mo. It stays in longer than just tied up and you can just redo one at a time or just the edges and that will make it look neater without taking out the whole style and doing it all over again but it's much quicker than say cornrows that also stay in for a longer time.

With the sensory issues, how is she with harder things like plastic clips? Because those clips on the end are a good back up for if the hairband you're keeping it in with falls off or snaps while she's playing. Also, some kids really like the soft feel of satin type materials, so you could use ribbons in the top that she can fiddle with sometimes but they're also helping keep her hair in. If she has any dolls or teddies with ribbons you can even use them to show her and talk about going to get some ribbons like teddy. I have seen some little mini bows on clips that you can use to tuck bits away too if you can find them.

I think the best thing is to just try to find a style that can stay in for at least a few days and only needs to be neatened up if anything.

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