The right cut/shape

My youngest daughter has the same hair as me (3A). I have never had a good haircut, and have never been to the same salon twice. Now, my daughter's hair needs cut. I have trimmed her hair at home, but it needs shape because it is really weighed down. Being that I have never had a good cut, I don't know what to do with her. I don't want to take her to a salon because they always assure me up front that they know what they are doing/ give me the stylist that charges the most as reassurance, and then I walk out with a cut that looks TERRIBLE. I would feel more comfortable doing it myself if I only knew what kind of cutting style I should be using. How do you cut curls? Does anyone have any experience with this?
I bought the curly girl book...and did my dd hair myself. I took her a few times...and they chopped her hair to bits...Now I cut on the top of the c of her curl...and they are beautiful. I would never take her again.

I had one guy that did amazing....and he cut her hair for 2 years. He had the same hair as her. I think that made a difference. Now...No one can touch her hair. THat sounds so bad. I would consider buying a cheap ticket to Devachan salon for a great cut...LOL...but that wont happen.

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