Styles for little curly girls??

I was wondering if you girls know an curly hair styles for little girls?

I need some styles for tonight. I can do pigtails on either side, what are some other styles?? Google isn't helping..

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half up, half down

a side ponytail (either up or down) with a pretty ribbon

french braid with a large portion of the end loose
I recently started putting bantu knots in my 1 year olds hair, they look adorable on her, I've seen 2 year olds with twist outs/two strand twists and they look so cute on them along with flat twists and pony tails
I think headbands are really pretty. I use them a lot with my daughter and they make her look like a little Greek goddess!
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We do pigtails, one lone top-knot, flat twists rolled back to the middle of the head and leave the rest bushy/curly, one side curly pony on the top and a small curly pony in the back. I'm really good with parting hair, so sometimes, if we have time and energy, we get lots of little pig tails that I then two-strand twist. Check your local library for hair books. I was lost when working on my 2 year olds hair, but I looked it up on Google under "How to cornrow" and hit paydirt!

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First of all it really depends on her hairtype.
Secondly, what is the length of her hair? You're limited by only those two things. Don't pull hair back too often as it causes breakage and definitely don't let hair out too often if it tends to get knots.

I like the suggestion about french braids and pigtails with twists.

See my daughter's hair:

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