Some tips from a former curly child!

For any parents just finding this site (or just finding that their child has curls!), may I offer a few tips from someone whose mother did NOT know what to do.

*Disclaimer - my hair is Caucasian, tips may not be complete/appropriate for ethnic hair*

1) Please, do not brush. Run your fingers through the hair while completely wet, wide-tooth comb while completely wet if you feel you must, but DO NOT BRUSH your child's hair. ESPECIALLY when dry. This will leave him/her with an unfortunate amount of poofing and frizzing

2) Use appropriate shampoos. I don't know much about very young children, but for children old enough to use "regular" shampoo, do not use shampoo labeled for "normal" hair. Use shampoo specifically for curly hair.

3) Do not over-clean the hair. Shampoo AT MOST every other day.

4) If your child's hair seems "frizzy" or "coarse", be sure to use a SEPARATE conditioner. Try leaving it on the hair for a few minutes and only briefly rinsing. 2-in-1 shampoos with conditioner often do not do a good job of cleaning OR conditioning.

5) Find curly haircuts on the internet, and go armed to your child's haircuts. Do not let a well-meaning hair stylist talk you into a haircut that looks great only when wet. You know how drastically different your child's hair is when it is dry!

6) Use this forum as a tool to teach your child how to care for his/her hair and encourage him/her to embrace their natural curls!
yesyesyesyesyes! As another former curly child, I wholeheartedly agree. My mother and I had WWIII when It came to my hair, and If I could spare that for just one family, then it's worth it! Have patience. With the right products and some TLC, your child will grow up loving their hair.
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