Desperate for help!!

I am new here. I am the mom to 6dc. One of them is a 13yo with what could be beautiful curly hair. Her hair was not curly until she was about 1yo when one stray hair curled on the top of her head. Soon her head was covered with lovely Shirley Temple ringlets. People would always ask if I curled her hair!! As if I had the time!!!

She is now 13 and her hair still forms ringlets, but some of it doesn't and it is a frizzy mess. Part of the problem is that she had thyroid disease. We have had a difficult time getting her regulated even though she has been on medication for a few years.

Tomorrow I am going to buy conditioner and having her go no-poo. What else do I need to do? I haven't read the book, but I have been reading online. What is a good product to use for a teen. I need things that won't weigh her hair down too much, but will give her much needed moisture and definition.

Is there a good deep conditioner that she can use?
Also, we have been swimming at our pool. Is there extra stuff we need to do for that?

I am a wavy and have another dd with wavy hair, but dd got all of the real curls!!
First off, think about finding a good thyroid doctor. If she still has symptoms after this long, something's not right. It took me 7 years to find a doctor who actually talked to me, instead of just reading the blood test. I found mine through the top doc list on
Secondly, make sure you clarify before going no-poo. You need to get rid of any product build-up she might have.
I'm going to let someone else answer about the chlorine and conditioner, as I'm just starting out here.
I have 5 kids myself: 2 curlies, 1 wavy, 2 straight.

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