Ma Baby's hair!

Hello, my daughter is six months old and has thin, curly hair. Do you have any suggestions on a hair routine I should use? I usually just wash her hair every other day or so with whatever I use to wash her body, usually dove moisturizing cream, then every morning I put vaseline in her hair and make ponytails. I do not use products with fragrance because they contribute to eczema breakouts. I'm wondering if there are any other fragrance-free products out there that I can use...TIA!
Hi Valencia,
My baby is 6 mo. too and i never put vasaline in her hair. i have been using Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar in unscented since she was about 3 mo. old. Karen told me that that's what she used in her own daughters hair. and I don't style it too much either. i'm crazy parinoid about it falling out.

for her eczema (which is very mild) i use the gentle naturals baby eczema creme. i really like it and it is more of an aloe based lotion.

you can google her and order from her site.

hope that helps.
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