Does the hair Change?

And if so, when?

I was totally expecting to have a 4a cutie like mommy and ended up with a 3b-3c cutie like ?????????

this totally threw me through a loop. So i'm wondering if this is just her baby hair or her hair. she was born with this head of hair and this texture and now she is 6 mo and it hasn't changed.

it is very fine and dosen't catch to easy in a barrette.

I use Burt's Baby Bees shampoo and wash whenever i bathe her and Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar in unscented for moisture on most days.

i added a couple of pics to see the difference in our textures. and dad is a 3c/4a too i guess. grandma (his mom) is straight up 4b and my mom was like 3c or something (i didn't know the classifications before she passed).

anyway, i was having a bad hair day for both of us but you should get the idea.

any suggestions on how to deal with this hair would be great.

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4a with some 3c around the edges
In my family, I think the baby hair turns into childhood hair somewhere between crawling age and school-age. Baby hair is not at all an indicator of what's to come in my family For that matter, neither is baby skin color!
layer cake of tight, spongy and silky/thready S strands that kink more than they coil
spiced with a few spiral coils and non-curling waves
mostly medium and fine with a sprinkle of coarse strands
protein is yummy
Oh man I just want to reach through the monitor and smoosh her. She is absolutely adorable!!
It can, but it might not. With me, it did. A LOT.

I had 2a hair until I was about 7 years old. Then it started getting frizzy and I started perming it to be curly. After I stopped doing that (and a few straighteners later) I had a lot of damage, but curly 3c hair. The stylists said it must have been hormones that changed my hair and I agree.

Only time will tell with your daughter!
I have 3c hair that I haven't straightened in over 5 years. It's just past shoulder length when dry, and almost waist length when pulled straight.

9/02/08 Went CG
05/12/09 Still CG. Cowashing with VO5 Lavender Luster. I then condition with Giovanni Smooth as Silk. Styling with VO5 Lavender Luster conditioner with my wide-toothed comb.

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Well my hair did but I'm not sure about everyone when I was a child I had 4a with a little bit of 3c textured hair. After having a relaxer for five years and growing it out to be natural I found myself having 3b/3c hair.
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My hair definitely became more curly over time as it got thicker and fuller.
My hair was stick straight at that age of your little cutie pie. I'm a 3b and it got wavy arund 6/7/8 and then turned into a mass of frizzy nappy curls when I hit puberty. I had a cousin who had curls when she was younger and its now only slightly wavy. I think wavy/curly hair changing is rule!

Now oddly enough it appears to bet getting straighter again, at first just a patch but it appears that im turning to a 3a from a 3b! My mom says the same thing happened to her, she has straight hair but her hair was very wavy until she was about 30! go figure

Her hair is so short do you really need to do anything to "deal" with it though. I would just let it be.
My son's hair changed somewhat as he grew. He was born with straight hair that got more curly as he got older. His dad is a 2b/3a (he's mixed), I'm 4a/b. But he has hair some where in the middle now, just very frizzy. On the other hand, my older son( with the same husband) has straight up 4b hair.

So that being said, Anything can happen. Take care of today's hair today, next month's hair next month. Keep it moisturized and healthy like you would your own or it won't matter.

Btw, she's so kissably cute, she could have Frankenstein's hair and be adorable.
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My hair was sort of wavy and unsymmetrical when I was young - one side would curl under and the other up! It wasn't till I was about 14 that my hair went curly and very dry/fragile - must have been hormones, as someone else said (damn hormones!!)

Based in the UK. 2-something (2b?) hair. Very porous, fine and brittle/fragile

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Kinky DayShay and Wilykat What products do you use in your children's hair? My four month old has quite the afro and the Johnson's no more tangles seems to be making her hair dry.
My youngest daughter's hair went from a 2 to a 3B and mostly 3C when she hit puberty,so it can happen.Just keep it moisturized as much as you can and tangle free.
3B-3C, alittle past tailbone length,age:41 years
It could be baby hair. Mine changed quite a bit from babyhood to 6-7. Loose frizzy curls to very fine but definitely 4a. It pressed easily, but also frizzed/bushed up at a glance.
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