New here, can anyone help?

I found this site looking for more information on relaxers. I have ordered the CG book, but until it gets here...I have a 9 year old bi-racial daughter, and she has been getting her hair relaxed (or texlaxed) for a few years. I'd love not to do that anymore, but its really hard when shes still at an age that her hair is just WAY too much for her to handle on her own, and texlaxing just seemed the easiest way to make it not such a painful experience when it had to be washed/styled. Looking back at pictures of her before, I see her beautiful texture and curl and would love to get it back. I think I'm more educated now, and more prepared to handle the different challenges her hair has compared to mine (also curly, just not quite so!). Has anyone helped their child transition? Anyways, hello to all, and was wondering if anyone can tell by looking just what her hair type is. I'd say 3c/4a, but its hard to tell (not tons of new growth yet). Its hard without knowing her hair type where to begin. I've had lots of problems learning to use products...some seem like they're not enough, some seem like to much, and then of course it could be that i'm not using enough or too much!

BTW, here are some pics of her...
There's one before she ever had anything done, another on the beach (thats pretty much what it looks like all the time - in a ponytail), then one of it in pigtails with wet set curls, the one of new growth.

Thanks to everyone!
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First of all I must say your daughter is gourgous

I really sympathise with you as I know how difficult kids curly hair is to deal with, my daughter has 2c fine messy frizzy curly/wavy hair, so not the same type as your daughter but still curly

looking at the photo's it looks in really good condition (dispite the relaxing) which is a really good thing, so if you could try to go natural it would definatly benifit her,

What products are you using on her hair?
Awwwwww... They are such cute pics.. Shes beautiful hun.

Have you read about CG yet? I think she would really benifit form it and you could get here more involved in loving and looking after her hair at the same time.
From U.K & started CG 13th July 08

Using VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie for co-washing and conditioning.

Using Boots curl creme

Considering going Mod-CG and using H&S once a week to prevent build up, flakes and other nastys.
My daughter is also biracial and is seven years old and I have curls also. We've both been trying all of the cg ideas from this website for the past two months. So far I've bought quite a few products and found that either one or both of us can use them all!

We started out with the major expense of buying some Deva Curl products. They work fine for both of us, but are SOOO expensive. Specifically we've both found success with the Low-Poo (although I think my daughter would be better off with the No-Poo), the One Conditioner, and the B'Leave In leave in conditioner. Let me know if you have questions about using them for you or your daughter or look at some of the other sections of this website and you'll find good information. These can be hard to find, but you can look at the Deva Curl website and find a list of stores that carry the products in your region.

In an attempt to find less expensive alternatives, we've both used the Giovanni products that are available in health food stores (like Whole Foods). The Smooth as Silk conditioner and Smooth as Silk leave in (has a specific name, but I can't think of it) are both good. The Giovanni SAS Leave In is a little heavy for my hair, but works very well for my daughter.

There are several other products that we have tried, but I don't want to overwhelm you. The main thing is to stop using regular shampoo on your daughter. The improvement for myself and my daughter was immediate and impressive once we stopped shampooing. It has made her hair so much more manageable.

Let me know what you are currently using and that may help me to think of other things to recommend.

Your daughter is gorgeous! Reminds me of my own sweetie!!!

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