Trying to help my aunt with her curly boy

I am a curly girl, and I have an 18-month cousin who is also curly. We are the only ones in the family with any wave at all. I want to help my aunt care for his hair, but I am not sure the best way to do so. She shampoos his, is that the best thing? He has wispy little curls at the nape of his neck and at the sides of his head. What should I tell her about hair care now and in the future?
2 weeks and 2 days ago, my daughter (18 months old) and I started the CG routine, her hair has never been better....
From U.K & started CG 13th July 08

Using VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie for co-washing and conditioning.

Using Boots curl creme

Considering going Mod-CG and using H&S once a week to prevent build up, flakes and other nastys.
My 18 month old boy has the same wispy curls at the nape and sides with a lose wave on top. I shampoo using Burt's Bees Baby bee shampoo. It's sulfate free and doesn't dry his hair too badly. I still shampoo only when his hair is food caked. Most of the time I just co-wash with Suave Coconut a couple times a week and water wash the rest of the time. I try not to use shampoo more than once a week if I can. He's taken to scrubbing his head with his hands after he eats though so I end up shampooing more than I want to. When I shampoo, I do it as soon as I put him in the tub. I rinse and then coat his head with conditioner. I leave it on the whole time he's playing in the bath and then just barely rinse it with luke warm water right before getting him out. If his hair gets fuzzy looking during the day, sometimes I'll spray it down with some diluted conditioner that I use on myself. Spray bottle with about 2 tablespoons of Suave Coconut and then filled the rest of the way with water. I use it as a leave-in on both of us.

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