CG routine/products for 3 and 7 months

I'm not sure if my kiddos have wavies or curlies, or straighties. My daughter is 3, and she had some wave to her baby hairs, but it's been pretty straight since we cut it. She's getting some body to her hair, though, and I think it might go wavy with CG. I want to give CG a try and see what happens. Right now I'm co-washing with suave naturals , then letting it soak, and combing in the bath and afterwards, too. We use generic detangling spray, but I think I'll use my biotera leave-in mixed with water when we run out. I'd love some routine ideas and product recommendations, too.


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I use California Baby products on DD. They are gentle and mild and are CG. I bought them at Target. I've also used Nature's Baby Organics, but I had to order it online.

IDK how much hair your DD has, but the Biotera might be too heavy for her hair. If it works though, I'd use it!
Loose botticelli curls and waves
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I highly recommend Kinky Curly no knot today detangler/leave in conditioner its Organic- so safe for little ones, and works wonders on my 5 year old daughters dry frizz prone hair

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