Hi I am expecting a little girl in 1 week!

Any suggestion on what to wash/condition her hair with. Im assuming it will be curl eventually and dont want to start drying it out with Johnsons. Is is safe to co-wash or use what I use? Any advice would be great!!
Well, as the mama of a little curly girl myself, my advice is to not worry about her hair just yet. In about two months, it'll probably start falling out anyway (hormone rebalance and all that), so I would worry more about using something gentle on her skin and eyes.

You could always go with Chagrin Valley pure castille soap (or another pure castille that you're sure just has the basic saponified olive oil and possibly calendula or something equally as gentle), but I would start off with what the hospital gives you. Worry about her hair when it starts growing back in (for me, I waited until she wasn't using food as product anymore), and by then, you two will be in a good enough bathtime routine that she'll tolerate cowashing and all that.

Good luck, and congratulations, Mama!

BSL/Mid Back, thick 3a/b

Botticelli Botanicals Meringue
Botticelli Botanicals Smoothie
Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd w/ double avocado oil and double agave
Botticelli Botanicals Lime in the Coconut Butter

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my little girl is allergic to johnson and johnson's so she's basically been on a cg/modified cg routine since day one. i love shampoo bars and theyre great for wiggly little ones. i used burt's bees baby shampoo bar on her hair when she was littler and a few months ago i started using lush's seanick solid shampoo bar because we finally finished the burt's bees.
she didnt need conditioner for the first 6 months or so because she was a little grease ball. but now i use organic conditioners on her (either kiss my face or giovanni).

congratulations on your little one!

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