Help w/my boys hair...

Hi-my boys are 4 and 6 and they are curlies
Well, the one on the left((4yr old)) has fine hair like me and the one on the left ((6yr old)) has very thick coarser hair. I have been using the clear la bella on their hair and I really do not like it at all. They are too young to not mess w/their hair too much and it flakes up sooo bad. Any ideas on what may be a better gel or whatev?
Right now, I am wetting their hair before school and then applying GENEROUSLY the La Bella

3a/b ish
pw: curlyq

have you tried Fantasia ic with sparkle lites gel yet?
My boys are kinda like yours, my 10yr old has fine curly hair and my 12yr old has vey thick tight curly hair, this gel works for both of them and it only 3.99 for a 16oz tub at wal-greens, can't beat that with a stick! HTH.
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For my son with SL hair that ranges from loose 2b curls to 3b ringlets I've used:

Fantasia IC gel with sparklelites...very good for your money, and just great for curls. Watch out for any hair changes, as it has wheat protein, a cone, and glycerin, if you use it everyday. I used it like every 2 days in summer, spring and fall, the second day would just re-wet to refresh curls.

Aubrey Organics B5 Design Gel...I use this the most in Winter because the ingredients are natural and it doesn't have glycerin which we can't have on our hair in the winter, but the smell is kinda on the not so good kind of citrus-y, but not stanky stank. My son likes it okay, kinda more masculine smell which is why I don't use it much for my own hair.

Giovanni LA Styling Gel...another one I like and use on my son, nice ingredients, good scent, but it can do crunchy if you use to much and sometimes dries a little bit stiff.

If wanting to try out something real nice, good price, and everything then I'd start with Fantasia IC.

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