New Pics! 23 months!

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Hope u guys like 'em..Im her sister and a photographer in training!!
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New Pics! 23 months!-l_c62cb4f4ab154cd2892ec77ac264a3a4.jpg   New Pics! 23 months!-l_a24ea18781f34467a26d9e79805df639.jpg   New Pics! 23 months!-l_bb646761d48645eaba3e21a627a8a18a.jpg   New Pics! 23 months!-l_456d02e15e8045198d0227f45866f16c.jpg  
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Wow, she's so cute. I love her hair it is amazing! It makes me feel good that people are beginning to teach their kids (young relatives) to embrace what God gave them as beautiful and unique...
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She is so cute!!

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I love, love that 2nd's perfect!
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WOW! You're a good photographer and she's an adorable curly cutie. Love the pic were she's rocking big hair.
Hope u guys like 'em..Im her sister and a photographer in training!!
Originally Posted by morena4cheer
WOW!!!!!just beautiful---HER moma better keep her natural!shes stunning
Gees, she and her hair are beautiful. What a little cutie pie!
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Love her hair.She is so adorable! the pics are perfect.Did you use a professional carmera?
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supposedly 2c/3a.
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just a girl trying to figure her hair out /: lol.

turned CG- 2/17/09
wish me luck

2/27/09- taking a break from CG ... doing mod CG for a little to see the effects on my hair, so that i can compare and expiriment and see what my hair likes and doesnt like

i havent found a good routine yet or any HG products.
She's adorable! I especially love the first pic!!!
Dare to be......remarkable!!!
What a cutie!
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Is this yo baby foreal foreal? Because if so, she looks just like the star baby from the movie 'Notorious' where she was playing's Biggies daughter's as a baby.

Her name is Taylor Dior
The resemblance is almost uncanny.
She's so pretty! Her hair reminds me of my nieces'. I hope to acheive that length one day. Nice photos.
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Oh my gosh your right lol. Wow....they look one and the same.

Is this yo baby foreal foreal? Because if so, she looks just like the star baby from the movie 'Notorious' where she was playing's Biggies daughter's as a baby.

Her name is Taylor Dior
The resemblance is almost uncanny.
Originally Posted by Vagabond Davotchka

"Thereís just an certain aura a woman exudes when she has natural hair. She walks differently. Her swag is on full tilt. Thereís a sense of confidence and je ne sais quoi that emanates from her spirit. Whatever it is itís sexy as all hell and turns me on" -Anslem Samuel
Hey its Taylor's mom. whoever posted those 4 pics must have taken the photos from my page...I only have 1 child. Taylor has no siblings. thanks
Sorry OP, you are a liar and a thief. That is the little girl from the Biggie Movie, and you stole those pics. Her mom is a member of another forum I read and all those pics are proven to be Taylor's. Taylor does not have any older sisters and we already know who the photographer of those pics are.

here is the page she took all those pics from and the ones in her fotki are stolen too

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That is just straight up strange, and the ironic part is that on the fotki with all the pictures it says "please don't's not right".
Regardless of reality in this situation, the little girl is beautiful and I hope that she is able to retain her privacy.

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WOW. I'm sorry someone stole your daughters pics...but your daughter is a DARLING.
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