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Hi! I am new here and to be honest a little overwhelmed by all of this great information. My daughter has curly 3a-3b hair. She is 2 1/2 and I have been contemplating her hair, which is almost to her waist because I am not sure how to care for for it. I don't want to do that and luckily was informed about this website. I would like to purchase her some conditioner. I am thinking about the Curlisto for Kids detangling conditioner, and the leave in conditioner. These are a little more pricey than what I am used to ($12-$15) and I was wondering if anybody had any feedback on them before I purchased. Also, if you have any suggestions regarding poducts you use on yur little ones I would really appreciate them. TIA!
never used curlisto for kids, so i cant help you with that. but, my favorite products for my little girl are california baby calming conditioner (which can be used as a rinse out conditioner as well as a leave in) and curly hair solutions curl keeper. also, her hair responds really well to kinky curly knot today conditioner and curling custard. with all of those products a little goes a long way. but the california baby conditioner and the curl keeper get my vote for a must try combo.
I second using the California Baby Calming Conditioner. It has worked for every head of hair in my home, 1s thru the 4s, children and adults, lol. Sometimes I use Aubrey Organics conditioners like White Camellia or Honeysuckle Rose on bottom half of their hair and rinse that out, and then use California Baby Conditioner on hair from ears down as leave-in. My youngest has Rear Length 2a/2b hair, and leaving in the conditioner really helps bottom half of her hair which tended to collect lint, get lots of knots and tangles before I did that process. Her sisters have 3b curls, and it works for them as well. It's just super good on my little one because she's tomboy with her hair.

I also use the Calfornia Baby Calming detangler, but I'm still running it thru the laps of testing its effectiveness as a detangler. Right now, I layer a little bit of it under a leave-in conditioner since the ingredients are good and help protect ends of hair.

I just recently got into gels that help hold curls because water alone defines them. I'm now trying out Aubrey Organics B5 Design Gel because the ingredients are good, and so far it's okay, but I think I need to play around with my applicaiton of it to combat the frizz of second day hair and to avoid 'hard' hair if too much is used. Also, it has a weird kinda of citrus smell. Not stinky, but not delightful. Might look into Curl Keeper myself, lol.

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