4a 4 yr old hair

my neice is 4 and a half...my sister relaxes her hair. How can i convince her to stop??? i think my neices natural hair ( 7.5 months transitioning) is the same as mine...latter 3/4a combo.

what should i look into? I dont want to buy products and then have them not work. What works on tight kinky curly hair and what doesnt?
I don't know if you've already done so but I would cross post this in the 4a section. Some of the ladies there may have some info. I would try to educate your sister on the harm that it could do to your neice's self esteem. No mom (speaking from experience ) wants their child to fell badly about themselves. I know there are books for your neice and sister but I personally haven't read them.

I also wanted to say that products that work on grown ups should work for her. There is still a level of experimenting to find out what her hair likes but my daughter is an itty bitty and shea butter and giovanni direct work for her too.

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i mean im not really a parent....im a concerned aunt! I want the best for her and that just happens to include healthy hair.

I have to admit ...i spoil this little girl like their is no tomorrow!

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