inexpensive shampoo for the boys..

Ive got dh and two ds's - 3 and 9. They're all naturally curly but their hair is always short so they dont need to worry so much about keeping it hydrated. However they all are so prone to dry scalp. I already wash the 3 year olds hair with conditioner, but will be switching to one without silicone once I have some for myself. The other two aren't willing to do that so i'd love to know if there are any shampoos that arent so drying. Right now they both use anti dandruff stuff and it helps their scalps, but it tends to build up on their hair. Occasionally they do grow their hair out a little more, but it just doesnt look very good and we end up buzzing it off again. If we could find a more appropriate cleanser, their hair will look really great when it gets a little longer.

any suggestions?
I've heard good things about shampoo bars...I'd ask about this in the General thread- lots of people respond in there- 'poo or not.
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