Does anyone have a child with dramatically different hair type throughout?

My daughter is almost ten and I have noticed in the past year or so that her hair seems go be changing. I would say she has about 2c hair all over, but lately in the root area it is more like a 3c. Her hair is very kinky curly and frizzy at the roots and I'm not sure how to deal with it. I have started her on CG this past week and it seems to be making a difference in her overall hair, but the roots still frizz up a lot. I am using Suave Coconut for the co-wash and Giovanni 50/50 for the conditioning. I am still experimenting on a leave in... I have tried using the Suave as a leave in as well and I thought I bought the right Giovanni leave in, but mistakenly bought the spray instead of the Giovanni Direct so that's a work in progress. I'm using Herbal Essence set me up gel (I think that's what it's called). I am happy with the way she's looking, but the frizz in the roots is driving both of us crazy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there,
My daughter is the opposite of yours! she has straight roots, wavy canopy and front and curly length underneath and ends so I can't really offer much advice but I do understand your frustration its really hard to get all her hair to match!, I try to use curl enhancing products such as KCCC but I'm not sure if there are any curl flattening defrizzing products you can use for her roots??, perhaps Aloe vera gel, that has defrizzing properties and won't make her roots greasy as an oil would
Good luck
Trying to work out my 5 year olds 2c fine frizzy/curly hair
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Thanks for the help.... I may have to try that. We've been doing CG for a bout a week and I noticed this morning that it does look a little better in the roots. we have a long way to go though.

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