hair cut suggestions??

I have been viewing this site for a long time (for my 3A hair) but I never needed to visit the forum until today- when I found out I hadn't joined yet!

My 2 year old daughter has very curly hair. I used to mostly put it in pig tails but lately she has lost patience with that idea! I have just been combing it out with a wide toothed comb while I have conditioner all over it and then again once I rinse it out. I pat it a little to dry (just so it isn't dripping) and then put product on it. Lately I've been using Dream Curls along with various other things. - Then I put on one of her head bands and usually a bow. These were taken recently (I must not have washed it that morning, it is less frizzy on wash days)

I have been thinking lately that maybe I should get her hair cut so that it has more of a style. Does anyone have any suggestions? She has never even had a trim. When her hair is wet it is just past her shoulders.
i dont have any suggestions, i just wanted to say shes adorable!

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