Morning Frizz

Hi all, newbie from Australia here. I've got a question about morning frizz.

My 10yo DD has fine 3a hair. She wears her hair plaited for bed, but the hairs around her face escape and she wakes with a halo of frizz. Currently, she dampens it down and brushes it into submission for her school plaits. I've read that brushing isn't good, so what do others do with children's morning frizz?

Our current care routine is to condition/shampoo once a week with KMS products and use KMS Silker leave in conditioner about twice a week.

If this is a FAQ, please feel free to direct me to other threads. :-)
if shes just brushing the halo of frizz into submission, then that probably isnt doing any harm. usually brushing is only a problem when youre brushing dry curly hair because it creates a gigantic mass of frizz and depending on how you brush and what brush you use, you can rip/pull out hair.
water is my biggest styling agent. i use a spray bottle that releases a nice mist to gently rewet any morning frizzies i have, which reactivates the styling lotion i use. then i just scrunch as usual to let the curls cluster together again. they all wake up and look fresh again. (if it's a really bad day, i can smooth in little leave-in conditioner to help me along.) this should work for your daughter, too.

if your daughter just wants to wear her hair braided, combing out her curls shouldn't be so terrible, but brushes aren't really good for curly hair in general. (i do have a brush specially made for curls where the bristles are very few and very far apart.) teach her to detangle from the ends to the roots, not the other way around. nevertheless, brushing that halo into submission in the morning likely means it's escaping again by the end of the school day, so see about styling her hair in ways to don't involve breaking up her curl clusters. this practice will become especially helpful in the next few years when she'll want to experiment more and will be really embarassed to run around looking like a fuzz ball. good luck!
i'm new on naturallycurly and searching for cute, sexy, edgy styles and superior products. i've worn my hair naturally curly my whole life; people point and laugh if they witness me attempt to use a flat iron.

hair: gorgeous dark chocolate 3b spirals
shampoo: nexxus therappe
conditioner: nexxus humectress
control: nexxus omnistlyer/versastyler designing lotion

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