Aubrey Organics Mandarin Jelly

What am I doing wrong? We used this on my son's (3c/4a) hair and it was crunchy and stiff!! Is this right?? I used it on his hair while it was dry - was that my mistake? Let me know at what point of your "routine" do you use it? Any suggestions would be great!!! I am really just looking for something to get rid of day 2/3 frizz!!! Thanks!!
I use it with everything--but only on wet hair. It's great to help distribute thicker products, gives me root curl with other products that don't. There are a lot of threads on it.

I don't do second day hair, LOL! Products I use for afternoon smoothing are--KC Spiral Spritz or Pomade, Ohm Hair Custard, Komaza Califia Moisture Spray or Cream, Curl Junkie Curl Fuel--to name a few.
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I apply the Mandarin Magic to damp or wet hair. I use a small amount unless I'm using it to define curls on wet hair. But, I normally smooth or rake in a leave-in conditioner to define curls then use the gel for soft hold and further curl enhancement. Too much or applied to dry hair, Mandarin Magic can get crunchy or stiff prolly due to the Panthenol + Gums coating dry strands. Also, if your son's hair needs stronger hold to combat frizz, you might need to use Mandarin Magic more as a curl enhancer along with your leave-in and then reach for a stronger gel or a hair butter blend or something to layer over it. I have to do that for the middle of my son's hair where he gets supa-frizz.

If after applying it to wet or damp hair and you still get crunchy/dry results, try to use less. If that doesn't work, then pair it with more of a good leave-in. If that still doesn't work, change the way you apply it, such as smoothing vs raking, or plopping vs raking. And, if after all that legwork it still gives bad results, then it just might not be the right gel for his hair. I had to try it three times using two different ways to apply it before I hit the mark. I wasn't accustomed to using gels.

For second day hair, we cannot just wake up and call it a day unless I'm slapping loose "messy" ponytails onto our hair. Wish I could, but our curls just don't behave that way, lol. I have to spray hair with curl refresher product or distilled water and aloe juice to dampen & moisturize it, not too much, I just mist or dampen. Then, I lightly smooth over the frizzy areas with tiny bit of conditioner or gel or hair butter and then gently re-form really frizzed out curls via twirling/smoothing them around fingers. Lastly, shake head from side to side to help the curls clump.

I "boy pineapple" my son's hair a night to help the curls stay formed or loosely braid it without making any parts in his hair (so he can wear it out next day without 'feminine' looking hair parts in hair). I usually keep my daughters' hair in two to three loose braids or twists without parts and loosly bantu knot them or I pineapple their hair in super loose ponytail using a silk/satin ribbon. They sleep on a satin pillowcase. I also do all that for my own 4a/4b/3c hair in addition to my daughters' and son's 3 range curls, and my youngest's 2 range curls.
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Sometimes: AOMM Jelly, KCNT, KCCC

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