I think I might have a curly!

As a curly haired Mom I always thought I might have a curly haired kid. My 3 sons all have straight hair though. I think I might finally have another curly in the family with my 15 month old daughter Isabelle. As her hair is growing in she's gotten the cutest little ringlets. I really hope she keeps them!

3A, Shoulder length spirals and S curls.

Congrats On Finally Having A Curly! She Is Soooo Cute!
Aww Isabella is adorable! She can do the CG method with you soon!! Her curls are soo cute
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She's too cute! Her eyes are beautiful!
Lucky you, she's beautiful! Not to be sexist, the boys may have looser curls and not wear their hair long enough to know. My DIL has beautiful curls, although my stepson has straight hair like his father. Grandson's hair is just way to short to know--maybe when he becomes a rebellious teenager, I'll find out!
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Aww she's adorable, and look at those tiny ringlets!
Aww she's gorgeous!

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Congratz on finally having a curly girl! She's gorgeous! Her hair is super pretty and her eyes are beautiful!
3a/b Miii
Good Elasticity
Long Hair(Half Way Down back when curly)

I am a dimpled curly haired lunatic!

Aww, such a cutie. Quick, get her in a GAP ad!
RIP Natasha Richardson

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