New And Need Lots of Help!!!!

Hi! I've been lurking around for a while but I finally decided to join! My youngest daughter has curly hair, not kinky curly but little ringlets. It is starting to get a little frizzy around the top of her head. I need to know what products to get for her hair and how to use them. I do not want to order anything right now but would rather pick them up at a store. I have a Walmart, Target and CVS. I was reading about the co-washing and also about the Giovanni cond. and also about making a spritz with Aloe. Please tell me more about how to care for her hair. I'm very new to curls. I have hair that is only curly underneath and have never been able to do anything with it. So I wear a pony tail everyday! Thanks for helping a newbie! I cannot get the pic to re-size! I'm so sorry that it is huge!!!!!!

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shes really cute! her hair looks alot like my daughter's hair first thing in the morning (i have pics in my fotki and on my blog). if you have a whole foods near you, i would recommend trying out kinky curly knot today conditioner (it works as a leave in too) and kinky curly curling custard. you only need a little dab of the curling custard. it gives shine and reduces frizz without leaving the hair looking like it has product in it.
i shampoo my little girl's hair once a week and co wash the rest of the week with california baby calming conditioner. i use the calming conditioner as a leave in too. even though you said you dont want to order online, i recommend and really love curly hair solutions curl keeper. i mix it with her leave in and it makes her hair so shiny and frizz free. and you dont have to reapply it every day.
i refresh her hair the next day with rainbow research detangler for kids. her hair does not like detangler sprays with aloe. the aloe makes her hair dry and causes even more tangles.
she also sleeps on a satin pillowcase and sheet. and i put a silk scarf on the back of her carseat. both of those help reduce tangles and frizz.

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