About to Give Up!!!!

My dd is 7 almost 8 with 3c hair. I have been trying to make it lose the frizz, I have been frustrated fro some time my hair looks great but it is a 3b. I think I am going to just give up and go back to cones because she is a a stage where she wants to comb her hair and play with it several times a day. I feel that if I keep telling her to stop playing with her hair that she is going to start to hate it. I just do not know what to do. Has anyone gone through this? Please help me!!!!!
Two things.
1. It is my personal philosophy to use what ever makes your hair look and feel good. Going CG is a suggestion. Everything does not work for everybody you have to modify for what works for you. I use cones and some others only use water soluble cones. iy makes my hair smoother and the moisture stays.
2. I think your daughter is old enough to understand that she should keep her hands out of her hair if she wants it to look nice. At least that was how it was for me growing up. I could not touch my hair until I was 11. At which time I was allowed to style it myself. I have 3c/4a hair. Frizziness comes with the territory. I stopped trying to fight it. I would also suggest that you do set styles with her hair. Put in a moisturizer or leave in, twist it and let it dry (at night) separate gently in the morning for a defined curly look. You may or may not want to mist it.(for some this causes frizz)
maybe her hair is frizzy because she keeps playing in it several times a day. or maybe her hair just needs a little bit of help holding the curls in with a gel. as a suggestion kccc gives great results at reducing frizz for a good while, but i heard that a good cheap one is LA Looks (i never tried it). since im guessing that a lot of the frizz may be from playing in it, i would suggest putting her hair in styles as well. my mom had me wear braids, buns, and twists until i was in middle school and fully able to understand why touching my hair so much was bad. i know even at my age i still have trouble keeping my hands out of my hair.
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