I am so glad I found this site

I have an 11 year daughter with hair that has been giving me a headache for the past 5 years.
Its super thick and looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket! When she gets out of the shower its a very pretty ringlet but once it dries it pops up into a frizz nest.
I am clueless on what to put in her hair and how to style it.
She just puts it in a pony tail. The ends are really dry and I have tried everything I can think of. I have straight hair so I dont know what to do to help her.
Any suggestions or direction will be GREATLY appreciated!
what products are you currently using for her? do you know her hairtype or could you post a pic of her hair?
Right now she is using Paul mitchell leave in conditioner. Using Tresemme for frizz control shampoo and conditioner.
I think she might be a 3B

The first picture dont mind the I am half asleep I cant believe you are taking my pic look!
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Aww her hair looks quite similar to mine - and I hated it at her age! Here's what worked for me - though it's not perfect by any means, and I'm still trying to figure it out!

0. Get long layers put in - with her hair that length, I'd suggest starting the layers at her chin and then graduating down - she'll want at least 3 layers. I always get some of the pieces around my face cut a bit shorter to frame it better - my hairdresser just pulls down the front as if cutting bangs and then angles it downward starting at about the corner of my mouth until it's level with the end of my hair.

1. Charles worthington BIG waves shampoo/conditioner or Aussie Catch The Wave Shampoo/Conditioner (i'm not a fan of expensive shampoo and conditioners, so I tried to keep it cheap!)

2. Towel dry and then infusium 23 and FX Curls Up Curl Reactivator and Defrizzant. I never use a brush or comb, always my fingers.

3. Then I'll use hair clips and twist and pile the hair on top of my head while it dries, sometimes I'll take the blowdryer to it on a low setting while it's piled up but not for very long and I still let it airdry most of the way. Typically I'll leave it in the clips overnight. It took a while to get used to sleeping in the clips, but if you get the small clips it's generally not too bad.

4. In the morning I'll take the clips out and finger comb through to relax the curls then use more of the curl reactivator/defrizzant and FX Curl Booster Scrunching and Curling Spray. (Typically my hair is still damp after sleeping in it all morning, if it's not I'll use a water bottle before taking the clips out).

5. Only washing it every-other day made a HUGE difference for me - on the days I dont wash it - I use a spray in detangler (I'm cheap and typically end up with the Breck detangler from the dollar store). Then I'll follow with the reactivator/curling spray as needed. Sometimes I'll spray it with water before bed and retwist it back on top of my head like the night before too.

Here's what I end up with at the end of the 1st day and at the end of the 2nd day with my hair - I will say that by the end of the day it'll definitely start to frizz back out, but generalyl I can put more of the curl reactivator/defrizzant and/or scrunching/curling spray and it'll be managable again. It's definitely not a fool-proof system, but its much better than it used to be!

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