Hair style for a tween

I have soon to be 10 yr old girl with 3c hair and I would like to have hair styles to choose from that won't make her look too grown up but she doesn't want it looking too baby either.
Any suggestions!
most curly hairstyles are a one size fits all. for example: french braids, a bun or a regular pony braid/ tail. you can style her hair down and curly with or without a hair band or half up/down and curly. add some pretty hair accessories too. there are a few books for curly hair:
strictly curls by nicole siri, hair rules! by anthony dickey, curl talk by ouidad, or hair: a book of braiding and styles by anne johnson. here are some links to look at;

i think many hairstyles are appropriate for teens. i dont think there are many that will make your daughter look older, unless you cut or color her hair a certain way. but as long as you style her hair in its natural state she will continue to look like her age. the face is what really makes people question your age though. there are many people out there that no matter what they wear or how they style their hair, if you have a face that looks like a 15 y.o. and your 33 then your kinda stuck until your 50 and people start complimenting your looks because you look 25. hope this info helps.

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