Curly Hair Beginner Please Help !!

Hi - I am new to this post. I have a daugter who has mostly 3C curly hair with patches of 3B and 4A. She is now 5. I have tried a lot of products to keep her hair looking "curly" instead of "dry & frizzy". I have stopped using patroleum and mineral oil in her hair also. Everytime I take her to the salon, I am told that her ends are damaged and that she needs to have her hair cut.
Before she was about 2, her hair was a little past shoulder length and even. Since then, her hair was "trimmed" 3 times. Currently she has a terrible hair cut.
She has "bangs" around her hairline (which is 4A). Her hair always looks very dry and frizzed out here. The top to middle of her hair is 3B and the middle to bottom is 3C. In the back she has a patch of hair that is short (again from a bad hair cut). Her hair also dries out very easily. My ultimate goal is to have her hair grow to 1 length or at least close. Just past her shoulders - where is was originally.

I have tried Mixed Chicks, but after the first application, I have trouble because I can't keep wetting her hair, it gets too dry. I have tried the Curly Q line from CURLS but her hair became extemely dry! And even though she sleeps in a satin bonnet her hair felt like "Brillo" - no exaggeration - in the morning. When I reapplied the product it just looks more dry. Then after a couple of days, her hair is greasy.
I am currently trying Blended Beauty, which seems to work very well, but I spent $125 on products and shipping. I know her hair is not it's healthest, but I am looking for some products that will at least help her hair to be more moisturized and conditioned.
And how often should I wash her hair? I was trying for every 4 days - 1 time a week with shampoo. I was advised not to cowash since her hair is very dry. PLEASE HELP !!!
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It can be confusing and frustrating when dealing with multiple hair textures on one head. I have a few textures myself. Blended Beauty makes good products but I know I had a hard time spending $18 on a bottle of shampoo, and I would have a hard time spending $125 every few months.

Here is what I would try. Before washing and conditioning once a week, I would gently warm about 1/4 cup of olive oil (use whatever olive oil you have in the pantry), work it through her hair and cover her hair with a shower cap. If you have extra virgin coconut oil on hand and want to use that with the olive oil, that would be great. I would let it sit for half an hour or so and then wash and condition normally. Olive oil, and coconut oil, penetrate into the cortex of the hair and help to moisturize the hair and improve the flexibility. I would do a warm oil pre-wash treatment every week until the hair is looking healthier and reduce it to once a month.

I would not wash and condition more than once a week. I would use whatever Blended Beauty hair lotion you bought daily if her hair is loose. Blended Beauty's Curly Cake Shake is one of my favorites.

If you can, you might want to put her hair into a simple protective style after washing, conditioning and detangling. If you go that route, I would use hair lotion during detangling and then section the hair and add a moisturizing styling product. You can then put the hair in simple twists. Her hair will be less exposed to the elements and the rough and tumble of play and that should help with the moisture loss.

You may find that Blended Beauty works well, or that only a few of the products work well, or that you just don't want to spend that much. There are plenty of other products that work for very dry hair. Aubrey Organics shampoo and conditioners, Giovanni, and Qhemet Biologics are just a few that come to mind.

Good luck!

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I will definitely try the olive oil/coconut oil before I wash her hair. I am trying to use only the cake shake curly pudding, and maybe a deep conditioner, but I am not sure if other products will work well with BB products. I have read on other sites that because they have a negative charge that they do not work well with other products. Have you had this experience?
I've used Curly Cake Shake and Jelly Cream with other brands with no problem. Is it the Curly Cake Shake and the Curly Frizz Pudding that you are using? Which other Blended Beauty products did you buy?
I am using the Curly Cake Shake & the Jelly Cream. I also bought the silky shampoo, tug me not conditioner, and herbal deep conditioner. But my friend who has similar curls suggested using joico (i.c.e) products as well for the day to day. And that is much cheaper. Then I could just order maybe 2 of the 5 products. Have you used joico products? Thanks for your response - I really appreciate it. I will try the coconut oil & olive oil as treatments.

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The Curly Cake Shake and the Jelly Cream are for daily use. I found the BB conditioner wasn't quite moisturizing enough once my girls' hair grew longer and thicker and the shampoo was certainly no better than Aubrey Organics.

I haven't tried Joico products but took a quick look and it seems like the i-c-e products are for shaping and providing hold, but not necessarily moisturizing. You can find an ingredient listing for some of the products here.

If you are looking for more hold, moisture and a less expensive natural product, you may want to check out Darcy's Botanicals
Thanks, I really appreciate your help. I just want my daughter to love her hair, because I do!! I will look up everything you suggested and let you know how it goes. How often do you trim your daughters hair?
You're welcome. I love to help where I can. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

I trim once in a great while. In the last two years, I've probably trimmed my girls three or four times. I know it's time to trim when the ends are very dry and brittle and no amount of moisturizing product or oil helps.
What products do you currently use on your daughters? And what type of hair do they have? What is your regimine. Thanks again!
Right now we are using (and love) Aubrey Organics Island Naturals shampoo and Aubrey Organics Island Naturals or Honeysuckle Rose conditioner once a week. I like to use a little jojoba oil on any dry bits of scalp and to seal moisture in the hair after washing. I also use coconut oil and/or olive oil for a pre-wash treatment once every few weeks.

I use Darcy's Botanicals hair milk for moisturizing daily touch-ups and Darcy's Botanicals Vanilla Styling Creme for styling anything but braids or twists. I use Darcy's Botanicals Coconut Butter Poamde for those. I really like the Darcy's line because it works for us, the igredients are great and it's not too expensive.

Little B has 4b hair, Little R has 3b hair and I'm part 2b and 3a. It's pretty fun to be able to work with all of these curl types at once.
I did try the olive oil and her hair feels softer. The only problem we have is that she lives near the ocean goes swimming about twice monthly. I have been dampening her hair and putting conditioner in her hair to swim. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks for all your help. Still looking for the coconut oil!
I wanted to post we did an olive oil, coconut oil, and honey treatment pre-poo for my daughter because her hair is extremely dry. It worked pretty well. We will add this to our weekly routine and may drop the honey as the two oils seem to work very well together.
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Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

You should be able to find Extra Virgin coconut oil at a health food store if you can't find it in a grocery store. If you don't have a health food store nearby, you can order any of several brands from Amazon.

My girls swim in chlorinated pools three times a week and we just make sure their hair is saturated with fresh water before and after the swim. You could also try coconut oil before swimming or stick with the conditioner, especially when used with a swim cap.
Thanks ladies. I really appreciate the help! I will keep looking for the coconut oil.
If you don't mind me asking, what do you do with your daughter's hair? Do you do braid outs or kinky twists? My daughter's 9 months old but so far her hair seems to be 3b/c to me. Her hair cane be braided nor problem though thank God or We'd have a tangled fro on my baby.
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Unfortunately, I can't braid. So I ask my mother to do it sometimes, but her hair doesn't stay long. It has to be refreshed everyday. And I can't refresh it. And her hair is about shoulder length (with a bad cut) so her hair isn't even, it is short in the front. Sometimes I do two strand twists but usually her hair is in a ponytail or two.

Has anyone tried Tresemme Shampoos or conditioners? I am trying to get a cheaper alternative. And something that I have easy access to. I live in the caribbean so a lot of these products are hard to get and super expensive to get mailed!

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Are you familiar with bantu twists? you can youtube them.,default,pd.html

I don't know if that gel is up your ally but at least it's water based unlike many other gels out there. I use a gel that's harder to find up here called Black Thang Black Seed Oil Gel. It's also water based. In any case, if you feel up to it, you can try it on your daughter's hair if you feel comfortable doing so. It could help you when twisting her hair.

As for Tresemme, I haven't tried them if you're going the cheaper road, go for Pantene perhaps but steer clear of the relaxed and natural line- it's TRASH.
Revenge is a dish best served with a splash of irony.

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