EEEK! Help!

This is my first post here. My DD has type 3B hair. I've let it grow long because it's cute and fun. It is SO BAD THOUGH! In the morning, it is a terrible matted mess. She's 3 and WILL NOT wear a pony to bed to keep it up. I know you're not supposed to brush it but I don't know what else to do. I use a kid's leave in conditioner by Just for Friends I think.

Any suggestions, regarding as to what to do?
Sounds like you need to do a good detangle, moisturize the hair with some conditioner and then keep her hair in braids (two, three or four) or twists. I hold my girls' hair between my thumb and index finger when I'm detangling. That way, they won't feel any tugs as I detangle from ends to root. I'm afraid brushing her hair isn't making things much better. It may be tearing and splitting the hair, which makes it more prone to mat. Oh, and I wouldn't be stingy with the conditioner when you're detangling.

Here's a link to a website that might help.

You might want to consider getting a satin pillowcase to reduce the morning frizzies. I put my hair up under a satin cap, but a pillowcase works too, and she won't have the feeling of something restricting on her head.

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