My daughters curls help!!

Im new to this site and Im glad I found it. My daughter is about to be 4 yrs. old and Ive been strugling with her hair. I've tried so many things, carols daughter, Miss Jessie's, Olive oil, just for me, and etc. Her hair is about 3c I think. Its confusing to me. For the first two years it was very straight at the root and curly on the end ( jet black). Now its always dry and frizzy. When I wash it I see the lovely curls but it frizzes after drying and you can see the curls on the ends. Also she had a bald spot in the back that took forever to grow in and its different from the rest of her hair; its dryer and kinkier. I just want to know some good hair products.
I have found Blended Beauty and Mixed Chicks to work very well on my daughter (she is 5). She is 3C with patches of 3B and 4A. The only problem I had with Mixed chicks was rewetting the hair to refresh the curls. Blended Beauty sells samples. I ended up buying the jelly cream and curly cake shake and use them everyday.

Try to avoid products with petroleum and mineral oil, in the long run they will damage the hair. And you will also see as time goes on it makes the hair dull and dry. On this site under hair type a lot of recommended products. Some people have found CURLS products to work - I didn't.

I have also heard of some 3C curlies using Joico and Devacurl, and Garnier Fructis. A website that I found helpful was

I have also been told by ladies on the site to do a extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil hot oil treatment weekly. So far the results have been great!

Believe me I know how frustrating it is, but the more I have been on this site and, the more I have been learning to work with my daughters texture.

Hope this helps.
I have some of the same problems. My daughter is 4 years old (almost)...and has mostly 4a hair. I found that mixed chicks dried her hair out. I have used some miss jessie's products (who sell 2 oz. sizes) seemed to work. I really love their rapid recovery treatment, but it is about $48.00 for 12 oz. I recently posted on this site too for the overall frizzy and dryness- just started olive oil treatments which so far have really softened her hair. I have some castor oil coming in mail that I am going to try as well...I'll let you know how that goes. I am learning too!! Thanks for the new website idea ( am gonna check that out. I think the key is knowledge and trial and error....everyones hair is so different!! Good luck!
I know this is way late and you have probably found something that works for her, but i have a 4 yrold with 3c/4a hair type i have found that herbal essence hello hydration is like the answer to my prayers so far it detagles like nobodies business and hydrate really well. I have also found my like line for styles and product info @ beads braids and beyond great blog.

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