help..what do i do with my preschoolers hair!

I'm so at a lost.

I don't know what to do with his hair. He's mixed and no one knows what to do with a kid - esp boys with curls here.

It's out of control and in his face and i'm this close to cutting it.

My SO says no way, don't cut it - get it braided, corn rows etc...i know nothing about them and we just start arguing when it comes to it.

We would have to drive an hour to get someone to his hair so I have to know what to do/ideas before we go there.

He's 2/ 3 this december.

any thoughts would be appreciated!

this is what it was like before it got heavy/weighed down
i dont think his hair looks bad. if its in his face, why dont you give the front part a trim so it doesnt get in his eyes but keep the rest of the length?

what products are you using right now? are you using a leave in conditioner? if you havent tried the CG routine, maybe you could give that a try. my daughter's hair looks alot like his in the last pic, and ive had alot of success with california baby calming conditioner (as a levae in and as a rinse out) + curly hair solutions curl keeper. it doesnt make her hair look like she has product in it, but it keeps the frizz away. curl keeper s one of my favorite products for her hair. i have pics in my blog of the results ive gotten from various products as well as a few product reviews. good luck!

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