What routine and products

I'm new to curls and the forum. I am trying to absorb as much as I can. I need to find some products that might work for my 3yo dd. I don't know what is worse the summer w/ the pool or the winter with the heat on. I have stopped shampooing and have been braiding to keep it so it doesn't mat up. What's your routine? From shampoo and product to second day hair? What leave in should I use. I haven't been using any. Suggestions... I am open and willing for anything right now.

my Lou
very pretty! your daughter's hair looks alot like my little girl's hair.
i wash my daughter's hair once a week with shampoo (burts bees baby shampoo bar is my favorite), and the rest of the week i co-wash. my all time favorite conditioner for her hair is california baby calming conditioner. i used it as a regular rinse out conditioner, a co wash, and as a leave in. for styling her hair, my favorite product combo is the california baby calming conditioner + curly hair solutions curl keeper. curl keeper keeps the frizz away, without making her hair look like she has product in it.

she sleeps on a satin pillowcase, has a satin sheet on her bed (because she never stays on her pillow), and i also have a silk scarf draped over the back of her carseat. all these methods help prevent/reduce tangles and dryness.

for second day hair, i usually just spritz her hair with detangler (right now im using a mix of water + a bit of conditioner in a spray bottle) and her curls are refreshed. with the curl keeper, you dont have to reapply it daily. you can "reactivate" it by spritzing the hair with water.

hopefully that helped a bit!
Thank you for your response! I'll start with the simple stuff. I even have satiny sheets for our bed, I'll just put them on hers. The carseat is another hot spot, gee I wonder how you knew? Thanks for the more natural product suggestions too.
we like curlyQ products-for myself and the kids as well.

my niece has the same texture as your girl, my 2 are a bit looser curl. all of us keep a spray bottle of water in the car to fix the car-seat-head and never go to bed with damp hair!

also, I toss the kids in the shower once I am done in the AM to really soak their hair and dry naturally.

We shampoo 1x a week, max. the rest of the time it is rinse daily, leave-in-conditioner, and when we swim, we are always sure to get the hair wet before going in the pool, that is essential to keep the chlorine at bay. I just got a pre-swim spray from Circle of Friends, however we have not used it yet. As my blonde daughter grows her hair longer, I fear the chlorine-greens!


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