3yr old 4b/ 2 yr old 3c

I don't know what to do with my sons hair. They are 2 &3, and have gorgeously long hair. But, I can't think of any way to style it except for braids. I want to do something else with their hair but I can't think of anything that wouldn't be too feminine. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
Hmmm, not a whole lot to do with boys hair really.

Low ponytail
Cornrows, mix it up and do some cool designs...
Box braids
Wear it all out

That's all I can really think of. If you're into beads you can add black/white/clear.

I added a boy section on my blog so you can look out for that to see how other mama's do their boys hair.

Hope that helps.

Children's Natural Hair Care & Styling Blog:

Thanks for the help. I think I just need to get over it, when people say that their hair "isn't done", when it's not in braids.

I checked out your website and love it.

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