14 year old son wont stop scratching scalp

Have tried sls free shampoos but son continues to have dandruff and itch all day. Very dry scalp, any help please.
You might need to take him to a dermatologist. While you wait for an appointment, you could try having him co-wash exclusively or use plain water to wash his scalp and just put conditioner on the ends. With that method, his scalp may itch a little more for a few days or a week, but if he can stick it out it may eliminate the itching and dryness.

I'm speaking form my own experience. My scalp cannot tolerate shampoo at all, even non-SLS shampoo. The itching and dryness that I had for years is gone now just by switching to a co-wash. Every now and then, if my scalp feels like it needs something more, I mix brown sugar and conditioner and use it as a scalp scrub.
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I did try SLS free shampoos and worked ok for my dandruff itch but still had snow flakes. I tried commercial dandruff shampoos and they were horrible (even one recommended by my doc). In the end I got some mane 'n tail and, would you believe it worked? No itches and no flakes. Hubby thinks I am crazy for using horse stuff but, hey...
I have itchy scalp too I use apple cider vinegar as a rinse I let it sit for 3 mins. Rinse hair and scalp than let water run through hair. Condition rinse out conditioner and proceed to style. HTH

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