In an adult six months of growth averages three inches, could well be different in a young child. The demarcation is your guide to when the relaxer has grown out.

Not sure what you mean by have you permanently ruined her hair? If you mean will the straight parts revert to curly the answer is no. If you mean will it eventually all grow back curly the answer is probably.

Safer is a relative term so not the same as safe: relaxers/ texlaxers and curly perm solutions are highly alkaline so damaging to skin and hair which are both naturally acidic.

Maybe teach your little girl to love and appreciate her natural youthful beauty? There are plenty of curly groups and pages on Facebook and other social networking sites that celebrate natural hair.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond.. I am white so I have straight hair but I get a spiral perm at least once a year, I love curls. I only considered this softener because I read up on it and it said the purpose was to stop the frizzies..I never wanted her curls gone,,I think my daughter is comfortable with who and what she is and just wanted a little change.even though I perm my hair I straighten it too,she probably just wanted to do what she sees.I don't think she would have wanted it had she known this was the outcome. It's my mistake! I don't think there is any thing wrong with trying new things as long as it is done in a safe way.When I asked about her hair being ruined I meant as far as curls coming back..she could be bald and still be beautiful so I don't think any thing could ruin her or her hair. But the curls are important to me..I loved her natural look and I am in a panick over the lose of them. So just hearing you say they will probably grow back is a big help, thanks.
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Relaxers are not reversable. You have to grow it out. The difference with you getting your treatment is you're an adult. Kids are more sensitive so to me a chemical that could potentially burn her can never be completely safe. I have had bad burns. Thankfully that didn't happen to her. If she wants to change things up now and then maybe you can research not too hot flat ironing techniques. But I wouldn't advise it while she is transitioning because her line of demarcation is weak and prone to breakage. A rollerset on large rollers followed by a flat wrap would likely do the trick. Good luck!
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