Is 10 to young??

My daughter will be 10 at the end of this month and I want to start teaching her to care for her hair. I have on occasion let her rinse her deep conditioner out while she was in the shower (actually once ) and she has been begging to keep doing every since. So my question is 10 to young? I will of course be assisting her, and I'm not sure that I would actually let her do her weekly cowashes alone, but maybe rinsing her DT's and showing her how to detangle.
I'm of the opinion whenever you can get their interest and teach them is the right age. If they were 7 I'd totally go for it but I have the 13 year old that isn't all that interested other than being happy her hair looks nice.

So I would absolutely teach her! Monitor her for sure but if she wants to do it I'd say more power to her!! I'd LOVE it if my daughter said that to me!!
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I was soley responsible for my hygine by 10, but my mother was one of those 'pushers' I was getting ready for school and walking myself to the bus stop by 7!

I say if she has an interest go for it!
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I say go for it, if she's interested enough to bug you about it she probably wont slack on the responability you give her as long as you watch her.
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Thanks ladies, we just may take this task on for the new year.
I say go for it! I started teaching my girls as soon as I found out how to take care of my own. They are modified CG and don't even realize what that means. I wished I would've been taught at an early age how to take good care of my hair. We all (3 gals) hardly use a lot of heat (flat/curling irons) on our hair. I do have to take a little more time with my youngest, but they know the basics. If your daughter shows an interest, that's great....atleast she will have you there to walk her through the process.
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Teach her! Help her! Let her! As a curly daughter to a mother who straightens her curls, I had to figure it out on my own---they took 13 years!! I just wished I could have had a person in my life to tell me what to do!!! Although, don't push it on her if a week later she doesn't want to anymore. Just be there, I guess I'm trying to say.
i definitely dont think its too young. my daughter is 2 and i let her take a hands on appraoch to doing her own hair. she applies her own conditioner/leave in, combs her hair, and shakes it to get good clumps of curls. of course i supervise her because she is only 2, but my goal is to have taking care of her hair be like second nature. plus i figure if she knows how to do it, it wont seem like a chore.
Well ladies, I took the plunge and now my daughter is starting to co-wash her hair (with my assistance of course) We have gone from her complaining about getting her hair washed everyother week to no complaints at all washing weekly!! LOL

Now if we can working on styling, but that may be a ways down the road. She is transitioning with me so I may wait until all her relaxer is gone to teach her how to properly care for her curlies.
That's great tsha74! I wish someone had taught me earlier. My almost 3 year old knows that you do not use towels on her hair - she told my mother in law that very firmly the other day apparently.
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