Babies and scarves question

Hello Everybody!

I recently decided that I need to take better care of my daughter's and my hair. So I've changed our routine up a little bit and so far it's going very only question is about bedtime.

How do my fellow mommies of curlies protect their babies hair at night. My daughter is just about to turn 3 so it's very hard to find a bonnet to fit her tiny-big head lol. And I don't want to tie a scarf around her head because I'm afraid she would choke in her sleep if it came unravled. Any suggestions would be great!
I wouldn't use a scarf either. Too dangerou.
How about a satin cap with a draw string?
Or a satin sheet?
Yeah, what about just a satin pillowcase?
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thanks for the suggestions ladies! She sleeps too wild for just a pillowcase. I often find her @ the foot of the bed in the morning or the floor lol!

Where would I find satin sheets small enough for a toddler bed though? The drawstring bonnet sounds like a good idea.
I notice from your username that you're a crafter--you could just make your own satin sheets if you can't find any the right size.
Is her hair long enough for pineappling? It doesn't look like it in your avatar, so I didn't mention it earlier, but I sleep wild too (ok, not THAT wild, but I move around xD) and it really helps.
3a in Paris
I use:
Garnier Ultra Doux conditioners
High in glycerin conditioners
As much gel as possible
Testing out flax seed gel
Plopping, for around 30 minutes
Pixiecurl drying

i do both a satin pillow and a satin sheet. my daughter is 2 and she never stays on her pillow. and as far as the satin sheet goes, you could buy a regular sized one and just tuck it under her mattress so that it stays put.
yes, I thought of the tucking idea after I posted my reply...go figure lol. I think that definitely is do-able. The pic in my avi is on the day of her 1st birthday, Lody. She will be 3 in 8 days and let's just say things have changed ALOT in 3 years! Her hair is now just past mid-back length when stretched and just below her chin when it's done shrinking!
Just lurking. My DD is 17 months and has BSL hair when stretched and almost shoulder length hair unstretched. I braid her hair at night but I've been thinking about how to protect her hair while sleeping. Thanks for the ideas ladies!

Hair Photos:
my 3yo loves to wear a satin cap, because I often do. I just either let it fall off (she doesn't really need it) or on the rare occasions she is actually preserving a hairstyle I've taken a handful of the cap and wrapped it in a hair rubberband to make it smaller.

But I also tend to think that a secure wrap would be reasonably safe. Not with some long scarf, but a kerchif size one.
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I tried an extra bonnet of mine secured with one of her wide clothe head bands and it stayed pretty much all night. I think it came off right before she woke up. thanks for your help ladies! And Happy New Year!

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You can also try a Lycra (bathing suit material) swim cap. They are inexpensive and they stay on very well.

Lycra swim caps are meant to keep the hair out of the eyes while swimming. They don't keep the hair dry, so they are breathable. They are totally different from the Latex and Silicone swim caps most people are used to seeing.

I'm amazed by how well these work as sleep caps. They don't dry the hair out, or break it, and they really help preserve hair styles. They come in youth sizes and those are pretty small. They can be found at swim shops and sometimes at dollar stores in summer.
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