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^I see the point in this, missp, and I'm a bit undecided on that aspect of things, myself.

I like it when men open doors for me, offer me their seat, or carry heavy things. I dislike it when they burp or swear in front of me and they're strangers. (A man I already know swearing when appropriate doesn't trouble me at all.) My father had strong ideas about what a nice man or "gentleman" did in front of a woman, and I guess I inherited those views.

However, whether due to drive or some other factor within the relationships, I'm usually the one who mows, cleans the gutters, shovels, grouts, insulates the windows, dog walks, and handles finances. There are certain things I can't do well, such as hanging heavy items, knowing how to test my dryer for electrical problems, or pushing my car out of a snowbank. I can't remove the motor from my clothes washer. And....I know many men with the same inabilities.

On the other hand, if a woman could do what I can't, I feel she should be encouraged to do so. I had a friend with whom I put in a sink, helped install a new heater (house), and stained the staircase she built herself. And I like hiring women: if there's a female plumber/electrician/housepainter/dog trainer out there, and her rates are fairly competitive, I'll call her first.

So, I don't have a conclusion. Just, it's a complex social issue, and I acknowledge that.

I would've thought I was less.

I believe that women are strong and powerful, and can do almost anything men can do. But I don't believe in trying to everything in an attempt to prove our equality. I think as women we deserve to be respected and understood in a way that we seem to have forgotten.

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86% I am so shocked
Well then maybe I am a feminist
98% not surprised at all

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Since when do feminists "want the world to be gender neutral?"
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I am definitely a feminist. The fact that some people are scared off by the word just makes want to use it more!
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i am definitely a feminist. The fact that some people are scared off by the word just makes want to use it more!
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absolutely. Didn't need to take the quiz, but I took it anyway

at the same time, I love being what would be called "feminine." I like big frilly dresses and wearing makeup and showing cleavage--I think sometimes there's a common misconception that you can't be both at the same time...ANYONE can be a feminist yay!
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I couldn't take that exact quiz because I'm at school right now and it blocked it so I googled another quiz and this is what it said:

Your Result: There is a strong feminist inside you! Let it out!

You are concerned about women's rights but feel uneasy taking an active role as a feminist. You feel uneasy calling yourself a feminist because you don't want the labels that come with it. You are proud of the steps women have taken to achieve what they have so far but feel that the worst is over. You have not realized yet the psychological role that society plays in degrading women in today's age where women are more inclined to turn against eachother for the affections of a guy when they don't realize that in actuality, they are constantly in competition with one another because that is how society has made it. You are on the right track but there are still so many things you need to become aware of!

My opinion:

Yeah I am quite shy so I don't usually voice my opinion out loud unless I'm disrespected, but I agree that I am a feminist. I often get annoyed or angry about how society says females should be. I like that saying, "anything a man can do, a woman could do better." I actually want to be a police detective or a ceo in the future, which society considers jobs for men. One thing I can't stand is when a man thinks a woman should do all the cooking and cleaning while he just sits and watches football all the time. I used to have a teacher like that and he would tell the class how he treats his wife and that just angered me but I didn't say anything.
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One thing I can't stand is when a man thinks a woman should do all the cooking and cleaning while he just sits and watches football all the time. I used to have a teacher like that and he would tell the class how he treats his wife and that just angered me but I didn't say anything.
Originally Posted by Astonied
Men should know-- the kitchen is where the knives are.. He should be careful when he suggests that his woman belongs in the kitchen.
Thankfully no man in my family is like that and I wasn't raised that way. I feel bad for women who have to go through this. I let my boyfriend know at the beginning of our relationship that I'm not going to tolerate such crap .

I live in India. Sadly these kind of things are of greater magnitude here. Thats why anyone who wants to stand up against such nonsense needs a really strong backbone. I'm doing my best.

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91% and "total feminist" according to the test. I'm considered very traditionally feminine - not in how I think but how I dress, but I don't think in my case one thing has anything to do with the other.

I modeled a bit before acting and was always chosen to model sexy, elegant evening clothes.

However I think Janelle Monae is super feminine and I love the way she dresses - androgynous. I can't pull it off, but on her it's fabulous.

I think the only job that should be sexually determined is wet nurse.
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I took a different quiz not too long ago and got "Full Blooded Feminist" as my result.

It did add that I was mildly being held back by social constraints because I did not give the appropriate feminist response (chuckle) on movie related questions. But I wouldn't, because I am not one who believes that people are *as* susceptible to movies/tv/books as some believe they are.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

Yes! I am a feminist!

Now, to read through this whole thread.
For those who said they did not know what Neoliberal feminism was or why it might be blamed...

Of course you find slightly different descriptions or arguments based on where the woman is from (many say 2nd wave). All this is part of why I want nothing to do with feminism. I have plenty of self respect. I have absolute respect for what the women before me accomplished, but all this "control" stuff is a bit much. Feminism has divided into 9000 different subgroups and they all want the crown.

(I keep imagining most of the women writing these blogs are sitting in mommy and daddy's house.)

ETA: And do keep in mind that the majority of my "all" is reserved for those in women's studies. You can hardly find the definition of neoliberal feminism due to the number of anti neoliberal feminism theory (propaganda) put out by women's studies students. And in turn they are complaining about neoliberal feminist being responsible for feminism becoming a meme, and the loss of definition and meaning behind words. Meanwhile, your average Jane is stumbling across this and thinking, you are all silly children.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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I am a feminist. Always have been ever since I was old enough to understand the concept of everyone should be treated equal. Somehow though feminist has become synonymous with angry lesbian XD

I think its ridiculous when women don't identify as feminists though. Uhm, we are fighting for your right to do whatever you please. Before the only rights you had were to STFU and make babies. You have a lot more options now thanks to us. You don't have to be some sort of feminist activist, but being against feminists when you yourself are a female is like being against breathing air. Are you crazy? XD
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I do not think women should aspire to play football with men or to pay for dates. I believe in chivalry. I do not support machismo nor feminism. I strongly believe in equality. However, I do believe that some traditional values should remain as such. In my mind, equality does not equate to women turning themselves into little men. There is a value in being a woman and it should be appreciated for what it is just as the Mother Goddess does not attempt to attain power by being a little man. Her power exudes totally from her feminine nature.
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100%. I think that was about the easiest quiz I've ever taken, lol. I don't believe that feminism equates with a loss of femininity or even necessarily a loss of traditional gender roles. I've been a SAHM for 14 years. I chose it (well, hubby and I chose together), I embrace it, and don't in any way think it makes me anything less than a full partner in my relationship. I'm not very traditionalist in the role anyway, but this is what we decided worked best for our family, for very specific reasons. I've always thought that the key is respect for intelligent, educated choices, even if you don't agree with them. But in any case, my opinion is what matters most to me. Hubby's is next, and my kids after that. Anyone else, I don't give a

ETA: I grew up in a family with a weird mix of traditional roles and feminist values--that is, women were supposed to be educated and intelligent, but still fulfill a traditional housewife role. Fusion of Indian and American backgrounds. But anyway, interesting family story: my oldest aunt (my father's sister) was born in India in 1913, and because she was "only" a girl, the midwife was going to deal with her in the traditional way if a first child was not a sealing her in a jar. My grandfather, who by all accounts was something of an unfeeling tyrant, but not in this regard, pitched a fit and her life was saved. She grew up to be a very respected doctor and practiced for many years in India. My grandfather was very much a feminist in terms of education. Not so much in other areas.
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I didn't take the quiz but I am a feminist (:
I took the test. 91% feminist.
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"75% Feminist

You are certainly a feminist - whether you know it or not.
You believe in gender equality, at least most of the time. You also believe there are a few exceptions."

I agree with my assessment. I believe that men and women are different and should respect each other, not overtake/belittle each other. I'm one of those feminists who would like a "traditionally" masculine partner, one who's the breadwinner, can fix things around the house and car (and I also need to learn those skills), while I'm more in charge of the domestic duties. That being said, our strengths should compliment each other. I also don't think women should aspire to be 100% like men, because what does that say about femininity and women in general? That we're somehow not good enough as we are so we have to be treated and seen just like men? The whole "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality is useless and serves no benefit to women long-term.

If a woman chooses to live her life single, no kids and be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, then go for it! If she chooses to be a stay-at-mom, good for her! I see a lot of today's feminists demeaning women who choose a more traditional lifestyle, which is one reason I'm reconsidering my involvement with the feminist movement.

A true feminist would never degrade another woman's CHOICE.
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