Michigan...we are #$%^&*

YouTube - Michigan is screwed.
I don't think Snyder, who has NEVER been an elected official before, understands civics.
I don't understand why the people of Michigan voted against their own interests when they put that guy and his legislative cohorts in office. Really, I don't. It wasn't a secret what his plans were. Why are you surprised now?
Where did I write I was surprised? I didn't vote for this guy. Am I not allowed to vent? I can delete the topic if you would like. What can I say? Maybe some people weren't happy with Granholm and thought Virg Bernero would be the same? I don't know why people voted for this guy! Stupidity? Being lazy? Not going out to vote because they DIDN'T think the guy would actually win? NOT doing research on a candidate?? Or maybe several Dems have left the state due to a job loss?
Excuse me for providing a link that might save another state from making the same mistake.

Last edited by curlylew66; 03-11-2011 at 08:13 PM.

It was a "general you" comment, not you personally.

I'm in the same boat. My stupid state voted in a j*ckass Republican governor and Rep majority legislators who are pulling the same sh1t as your governor. I don't understand why "we" people of Pennsylvania voted against our own interests either.

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