How Americans feel about Redistribution of Wealth

Obama says that it is unfair for middle-class earners to pay the Social Security tax "on every dime they make, while millionaires and billionaires are only paying it on a very small percentage of their income." The payroll tax is now applied to all income up to $102,000 a year, which covers the entire amount for most Americans. Under Obama's plan, the tax would not apply to incomes between that amount and $250,000. But all annual income above the quarter-million-dollar amount would be taxed under his plan.

It isn't "redistribution of wealth", it's making the taxes fairer. Do you really think the Democrats want to take from the rich and just give it to lazy people that decide not to work? That would be ridiculous. Besides, it isn't easy for people to get welfare anymore- they have to show proof that they are looking for a job and go to job training, etc or they get cut off. Plus, the amount of time you can receive it is limited- it's meant to be temporary.

Anyway, the money isn't going to just the poor, it's going to have to go toward our country's outrageous bills - #1= the war (that Republicans support and therefore should pay for). We all have to pay for it. I totally agree that the government spending is ridiculous and wasted on things that have nothing to do with the good of the country. Obama's plan is to cut the wasteful spending:
Originally Posted by lacunaCoils

I'm sorry but I don't understand one thing about Obama's plan... if only 70% of the American people pay taxes how can he give "tax breaks" to 95%. That means he's giving people money they didn't earn...

Don't get me wrong I like some of the things he says but sometimes he's got MAJOR flaws. I don't really like McCain either... he seems well to be honest like a broken record.

I also wanted to make the point that you all would hate me b/c I'm a "right wing nut job". But seriously can you all deal with the fact that not everyone has to agree with you without calling them names. You people are down right freakin nasty to anyone who disagrees with you. I totally disagree with a lot of the things said here but I don't flip out and start using stupid media terms just to make you feel like you're stupid. It's really old please try something else.
Originally Posted by curlygirlyme
Just curious- not trying to attack you or anything, but what are the MAJOR flaws you are talking about? I'm just trying to understand your point of view. Thanks.
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I reject the term McCain uses, "redistribution of wealth." That sounds like communism and that's the purpose -- to scare you. It's okay to be a social democrat (from Wikipedia)

"The nature of social democracy has changed throughout the decades since its inception. Historically, social democratic parties advocated socialism in the strict sense, achieved by class struggle. In the early 20th century, however, a number of socialist and labor parties rejected revolution and other traditional forms of Marxism and went on to take more moderate positions, which came to form modern social democracy. These positions often include support for a democratic welfare state which incorporates elements of both socialism and capitalism, sometimes termed the mixed economy or the social market economy.[2] This differs from traditional socialism, which aims to end the predominance of capitalism and replace it with a worker-controlled economic system. Social democrats aim to reform capitalism democratically through state regulation and the creation of programs that work to counteract or remove the social injustice and inefficiencies they see as inherent in capitalism.
In many countries, social democrats continue to exist alongside democratic socialists, who stand to the political left of them on the political spectrum. The two movements sometimes operate within the same political party, such as the Brazilian Workers' Party[3] and the French Socialist Party. More unusually, social democrats occasionally share parties with politicians of the centre-right, as in Forza Italia in Italy and Fine Gael in Ireland."

That's fairness imo, but "fair" depends on what you want in and for your society. If you want to hold on to all your money letting everyone fend for themselves without everybody contributing to the larger good, fairness is being taxed less but if you want a moral kind society, everyone should contribute. McCain calls that kind of society redistribution of wealth because he has his. Or Cindy's, actually.
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