Republicans for Obama
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That was good.

I'm sure someone will come on here and say it's a fake commercial or the people aren't "real" people. At first I thought they were actors but some of them looked a bit pained when they said they were life long Republicans but were voting Obama. I think they're real people. And that one guy with the gold necklace... gah! that's some bad fashion! He's real for sure.
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Wow... lol, I should have been in that video :P

Whether or not those people are "real" or paid actors... that sentiment is really being echoed by a LOT of people. Granted, I can't say I'm a "long time Republican" as I'm only 25. But I was brought up with the conservative values, my entire family is Republican and I've always seen that side of things, up until recently. After college, and being introduced to a lot of issues I knew nothing about before, I'd say I'm more of a moderate/independent than a Republican...

But I'm definitely voting Democrat in this election.
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HATE: plopping, FOTE on wet hair, BRHG
I've seen some interesting blogs and comments on the rfo website.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.

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I'm a Libertarian for Obama, does that count?

I came *so close* to voting for Bush in the last election because he was talking about privatizing Social Security, and simplifying the tax code with something like the FairTax ... both of which I am in favor of. But I didn't vote for him...I decided to vote for the Libertarian candidate instead because I didn't want to continue the Iraq war. I'm glad now that I didn't vote for Bush because I would be feeling very guilty if I had. :P

But I am 110% behind Obama in this election. He is just what we need - he's level-headed, rational, intelligent, diplomatic, calm in a crisis, and he helps people come together and he inspires us. I am 100% in agreement with Obama on taxes and fiscal responsibility and the Iraq war, and those are the most important issues to me in this election.

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